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This web site is part of our effort to provide useful commercial information to help foster economic growth in the U.S. and Moldova by assisting U.S investors and exporters learn more about Moldova.

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    Mr. Iulian Bogasieru, Economic/Commercial Assistant

    U.S. Embassy Chisinau Moldova
    Str. Alexei Mateevici 103,
    Chisinau MD 2009, Moldova
    Main switchboard +373 (22) 40 83 00

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    A separatist regime controls a narrow strip of land in eastern Moldova along the Ukrainian border known as Transnistria ("Pridnestrovie").  Individuals considering doing business in Transnistria should exercise extreme caution.  Many Transnistrian firms are not legally registered with Moldovan authorities, which may complicate or prevent the import or export of goods.  An increasing number of Internet fraud schemes have also originated in Transnistria recently. 

    The Government of Moldova has indicated that it will not recognize the validity of contracts for the privatization of firms in Transnistria that are concluded without the approval of the appropriate Moldovan authorities.  In addition, the Embassy may not be able to offer consular or commercial services to Americans in Transnistria because of limited access.