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English Teaching

The U.S. Embassy in Chisinau develops and supports a wide range of English Teaching Programs aimed at strengthening English teaching and learning in Moldova.

English Teaching Programs

  • English Teaching Resource Center (ETRC)

    English Teaching Resource Center (ETRC)

    • The English Teaching Resource Center (ETRC) was created by the U.S. Embassy and "I. Creanga" State Pedagogical University, in collaboration with the British Embassy in Moldova.  It is a multi-media center intended to help English teachers improve their knowledge of English; to assist them in developing their lessons and classroom teaching skills; and to promote communication and professional association among English language teachers across the country.

      For further information visit
  • English Resource Centers (ERCs)

    English Resource Centers (ERCs)

    • The U.S. Embassy supports English Resource Centers (ERCs) in several regions throughout Moldova. The three major centers at the universities in Balti, Cahul, and Comrat benefit from the Embassy's support in terms of materials, equipment, and logistic and technical aid.

      The ERCs provide resources, trainings, and information sessions to support English teaching and learning throughout Moldova.
  • English Language Fellow Program

    English Language Fellow Program

    • The English Language Fellow Program is designed to improve English teaching capabilities across Moldovan institutions.  The program brings U.S. English teaching professionals to selected institutions for a period of ten months, where they conduct seminars and trainings for English teachers throughout the regions. 

      For more information visit:
  • English Language Specialist

    English Language Specialist

    • The English Language Specialist Program recruits American academics in the field of TEFL/TESL and Applied Linguistics for short-term assignments (from two to six weeks). Specialists may work on curriculum projects, teacher-training seminars, textbook development, English for Special Purposes, program evaluation, or other well-defined short projects. 

      For more information visit
  • E-Teacher Scholarship Program

    E-Teacher Scholarship Program

    • The E-Teacher Scholarship Program offers online classes to English teaching professionals outside of the United States through the University of Oregon. These e-courses explore major areas of the academic specialty of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

      The U.S. Embassy manages the selection and nomination of candidates. For more information on the program requirements, selection process and application form you need to fill in please click on the following links:
      E-Teacher program announcement
      Application form
  • Regional English Language Officer (RELO)

    Regional English Language Officer (RELO)

    • The U. S. Embassy together with the Department of State Regional English Language Officer (RELO) and other program specialists plan, conduct, support, and promote English Language programs implemented in collaboration with Moldovan educational institutions as well as the Ministry of Education.  Activities include the development of English teaching curricula, textbooks, and teacher training workshops. 

      For more information visit:
  • English Teaching FORUM Magazine

    English Teaching FORUM Magazine

    • The English Teaching FORUM magazine is a quarterly journal published by the United States Department of State for teachers of English.  In Moldova issues of FORUM are distributed by the ETRC and APLE.  Current and previous issues of FORUM magazine can also be accessed online.

      The Department of State's Office of English Language Programs also publishes an electronic journal called the Language and Civil Society Journal which contains content-rich material for language instruction. 

      To access the magazine, visit
  • English Teaching and American Studies Materials

    English Teaching and American Studies Materials

    • The Public Affairs Section offers a wide range of English teaching materials for school and university teachers, students, as well as others interested in learning more about different aspects of U.S. society, culture, and values.  The majority of classroom textbooks are designed to enhance English language lessons.  The teacher reference and resource materials are designed primarily for use in teacher training, workshops, and professional development.

      For more information visit:

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