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General Questions

General Questions:

1. I want to visit the United States for a short period of time. What do I need to do?

Please see our Non-Immigrant Visa Page at for more information on visitor visa requirements.

2. I am not sure what kind of visa I need to travel; where can I find this information?

To get complete information on the various visa types for traveling to the United States, please visit

3. I want to apply for a visa, what do I need to do?

Please visit our Application Process page at for more information on how to apply.

4. What documents do I need to apply for a U.S. visa?

Please visit our Application Process page at for more information on how to apply. You need only the documents that are listed on our website.

5. Do I need an invitation letter, bank letter, employment letter, or other documents?

No. You're welcome to bring documents to the interview about your reason for travel, or about your ties to your home country. But there is no requirement for these documents.
Note: If anyone tells you that you need certain documents and offers to sell them to you, please contact the US Embassy at Submitting fake documents in support of your visa application can get you permanently barred from visiting the United States.

6. What is the required format for my invitation letter?

An invitation letter is not required. If you want to do one, there is no format or template, nor does it have to be notarized.

7. Can I take part in Summer Work and Travel, an internship, or other programs, or get a tourist visa, if I enter the diversity visa lottery (the "green card lottery)?

Yes, you can apply for visas and other programs after applying for the diversity visa lottery. But remember that, for most types of visitor visas, you need to show that you do not intend to immigrate to the United States. The consular officer will have to determine your true intentions when you apply for a visitor visa: to visit or to immigrate.

8. I am a dual citizen. Can I choose which passport to use for my visa application?

Yes, you can apply using the passport of your choice.

9. I am a citizen of Ukraine, Romania, Russia, or another country, and I do not have a Moldovan passport. Can I apply for a US visa in Chisinau?

Yes, you can apply using the passport you hold. Please note that if you are not a resident of Moldova, it may be difficult for the consular officers to evaluate your situation and determine the strength of your ties to the place where you live.

10. I am a citizen of Moldova living, working, or studying in another country. Do I need to return to Moldova to apply for a US visa?

No, you do not need to return to Moldova. You can apply for a visa at a US Embassy or Consulate in the country where you live.

11. I would like to visit Moldova. How can I get a Moldovan visa?

U.S. citizens do not need a visa to visit Moldova. Citizens of other countries should check the website of the Moldovan Embassy in Washington, DC, at

12. I heard about someone who's using fake documents to apply for a US visa, or who intends to work illegally in the US. Where can I report them?

Please contact the US Embassy at Anything you tell us will be kept confidential, including your identity.

13. I need a statement from the FBI that says I have no criminal record. Where can I get it?

There is no FBI office at the US Embassy in Moldova. Please see the FBI website for a list of FBI offices in Europe/Eurasia at, and contact an office convenient for you.

14. I need to have fingerprints done for my immigration to another country. Can the US Embassy do it for me?

No, please contact your local law enforcement authorities, who should have all necessary equipment for taking fingerprints.

15. I need an apostille for a document I received in the U.S. Can the U.S. Embassy do it for me?

Please contact the US state that issued the document (see a list of individual state government offices at, or the Office of Authentications at the US Department of State, The US Embassy in Moldova cannot provide apostilles.

16. In what language will I have my visa interview? Can I bring a translator?

You may have your interview in Romanian, Russian, or English. If necessary, a US Embassy employee will translate. Only if you don't speak any of these languages, or if you can communicate only in sign language, then you may come to the interview with your own translator.

17. Can my American friend or relative come to my visa interview with me? Can my attorney come to my visa interview with me?

No, you need to attend your visa interview alone, as you are the one who needs to show that you qualify for a US visa.

18. My children don't have passports of their own, but are listed in my passport. Do I need to apply for a US visa for them to travel with me?

Yes, children need their own visas. You need to fill out an application, pay the visa application fee, and have photos taken for the children.

19. I was arrested once, but it was in another country, or the charges were dismissed, or a lawyer told me the arrest wouldn't be a problem, or it was all just a big misunderstanding. Do I still need to disclose the arrest on my visa application form?

Yes. The visa application form asks whether you've ever been arrested. If you say no, even though you have been arrested, regardless of the circumstances, you're not telling the truth on your application, and this may result in a permanent ban from entering the U.S.

20. Can I call someone at the US Embassy to ask my question?

Visas, immigration, and citizenship are complicated subjects, and questions often require complex answers with laws, regulations, form numbers, dates, and other details. Many misunderstandings result from trying to give this complicated information over the phone. Please send an email to, and we'll do all the necessary research and respond with details.

21. I have a visitor visa that is valid for 10 years. Now I want to study in the USA, or participate in an exchange program. Will my visitor visa be cancelled if I apply for a different type of visa?

NO, your old visa will not be cancelled just because you apply for a different type of visa. You can have different visas in your passport--just make sure you enter the USA in the correct status. For example, if you have both a student visa and a tourist visa, and you are going to study, make sure you are admitted in student status when you arrive at passport control in the USA.


22. How do I schedule an appointment for a visa interview?

To make an appointment for a visa interview, please click on

23. Where do I pay the visa application fee? How long is the bank receipt valid?

Pay at any branch of Moldova Agroindbank, in any town or village in Moldova. Pay the fee in lei, according to the exchange rate established by the Embassy. The bank will know all the details about the payment. The receipt is valid for one year from the date it was issued.

24. What if I forgot to print the confirmation page for my appointment, or lost the page after I printed it?

You have to print out the confirmation page once you made an appointment. However, if you lost it or forgot to print it, but you still remember the date and time of your appointment, please come on that date with the other required forms and documents. Your name should be on the Embassy list, and you should be able to enter at the time of your appointment.

25. I canceled two appointments and the system does not allow me to re-schedule any more.

Please e-mail with your name and a brief description of your problem.

26. Will the visa application fee be reimbursed if I don't show up for the interview?

No, the visa fee cannot be reimbursed. However, the receipt will be valid for one year in case you want to apply later. You can also transfer your receipt to another person with a power of attorney.

27. I was denied a US visa recently. How soon can I reapply?

You can reapply anytime, even the next day. But remember that visa decisions are made on the basis of your overall situation, including your life in Moldova and your reason for travel. If nothing has changed in your situation since the previous denial, it's likely the visa officer will come to the same conclusion.

28. I need to travel immediately, but the soonest appointment you have is after my date of travel. What should I do?

To request an expedited appointment, please send an email describing your request to with the words “Expedited Appointment” in the subject line. We will make every effort to provide visa interview appointments for those with legitimate emergencies.

29. We're a married couple or a family traveling together. Do we need separate appointments for all family members?

No, you do not need a separate appointment. Just one member of the family needs to make an appointment.

30. We're employees at the same company, or people going on the same trip, all traveling together. Do we need separate appointments for each person?

Yes, each person needs an appointment. If you're traveling in a group of 5 persons or more, the US Embassy may be able to schedule a block of appointments for you. Please send an email describing your request with the words “Expedited Appointment” in the subject line and the names of people traveling.

Tourist Visas:

31. I have a valid visa in an expired passport. Do I need a new visa?

You need a valid passport and a valid visa to enter the U.S., but they don’t have to be in the same document. Carry your old passport with its valid visa, together with your new passport, when you travel to the U.S. If you no longer have your old passport with the valid visa, then you’ll need to apply for a new visa.

32. I just got married and I have a new passport in my new name, but my US visa is in my old passport with my old name. Do I need a new visa?

Probably. If you need to travel in a hurry, and you travel with your new passport, your old passport and US visa, and evidence of your name change (like a marriage certificate), you might be able to travel without a new visa, but this depends on the immigration officer at the airport in the United States. However, we strongly recommend that you apply for a new visa in your new name, particularly if the evidence of your name change might be confusing for the US immigration officers (for example, if your marriage certificate is in Romanian or Russian). If you apply for a new US visa, you'll need to complete a new application, pay a new fee, etc.

Work Visas:

33. What do I need to receive a work visa for the US?

To work in the U.S. you have to present an approved petition from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). For more information please follow Your employer in the United States starts this process. For more information regarding work visas please visit our Work Visas page at

Immigrant Visas:

34. I would like to immigrate to the United States. How can I do this?

Please visit the Immigrant Visas page at

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