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Medical Information

If you become ill or injured, the American Embassy may assist you in obtaining information on medical treatment either locally or outside of Moldova. If you are in need of an ambulance, Dial 903 to reach Moldovan Emergency Medical Services.

The following list was compiled by the U.S. Embassy in Chisinau.  The doctors listed below have stated that they are willing to treat or work with American citizens.  Most medical service providers in Moldova will expect cash payment for their services at the time of treatment.

The U.S. Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the persons or medical facilities whose names appear on the following list.  The U.S. Embassy cannot vouch for the doctors on this list and will not be held liable for their actions.

Victor Ungurean

Orthopedist, Spine Surgeon
University Hospital
Tel: 069091414 (cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Andrei Oprea, MD

PhD in Andrology and Urology
Republican Clinical Hospital
Tel: 079440414 (cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Dr. Tatiana Bicic       
Family Physician
Hancesti Emergency Hospital
Tel: 0-235-24367 (office)
Languages: Romanian, Russian

Dr. Liudmila Ciocirla 
Neonatology PhD, pediatrics
National Institute of Health Care for Mother & Child, Str. Burebista 93, Chisinau
Tel: 534 190
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Dr. Larisa Crivchianscaia
Intensive care, Neonatology, Pediatrics
National Institute of Health Care for Mother & Child, Str. Burebista 93, Chisinau
Tel: 523 207(office), 0692 53257(cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian

Dr. Elena Deseatnicova
Rheumatologist, PhD
Medical University, Department of internal medicine, Clinical Municipal Hospital “Sfinta Treime”
Tel: 443 521(office), 0794 39366 (cell)
Languages: Russian, Romanian, English

Dr. Alexandr Ghergheligiu   
Orthopedic Specialist
City Emergency Hospital; Str. Toma Ciorba, Chisinau 
Tel: 725 347(office), 0691 09300(cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian

Dr. Mihail Maniuc 
PhD, pediatric ENT specialist
Children’s Hospital, Str. Hancesti 2, Chisinau
Tel: 729 298(office), cell 0691 89825 (cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Dr. Vera Melniciuc 
OBNG specialist
“Dalila” Medical Clinic, bd. Dacia 5A, Chisinau
Tel: 534 190/348 (office); 0691 17227 (cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Dr. Ion Rusu
National Scientific Practical Center for Emergency Medicine
Tel: 438 432, 441 012 (office), 0796 53267 (cell)
Languages: Russian, Romanian

Dr. Andrei Santevoi
Tel: 0691 48809(cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Dr. Roman Targon 
General and Laparoscopic Surgery
Central Clinic Military Hospital; Str. Vasile Lupu 32, Chisinau
Tel: 514 834 (office); 0695 44041 (cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Elvira Velixar
Str. Constantin Varnav, 13, of. 612
Tel: 73-55-27 (office), 0699 44003 (cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Grigore Zapuhlih 
Republican Neurological Clinic, str. Korolenco 2, Chisinau 
Tel: 725 347(office), 0691 09300 (cell)
Languages: Romanian, Russian, English

Elena Holina
Chief of General Therapy Department
Policlinics Nr. 2, office 318
May 1st St. Tiraspol
Work Phone 544-92566
Cell phone 778-10240
Languages: Russian, English

Oxana Miheeva
Chief of Children Rehabilitation and Treatment Department
Policlinics Nr. 2, office 301
May 1st St. Tiraspol
Cell phone: 777-65670
Languages: Russian, English

Artur Burnosenkov
Dentist and orthopedist
Republican Dentistry Clinic
82 Sverdlov St., Tiraspol
Work phone: 533- 93466
Cell phone: 777-14968
Languages: Russian, English


24, Andrei Doga Street,
Chisinau, MD 2024
tel: 373-22-40-00-40

Moldo-German Diagnostic Center
4/2 Negruzzi Boulevard
Chisinau MD 2001
Tel: 373-22-84-09-00

Caracas Dental
65, Gheorghe Asachi Street
Chisinau, Moldova
Tel: 373-22-72-19-84

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